A secure, SPV wallet for Garlicoin

Garlicwallet for Android
Available Now!

Store and receive Garlicoin Securely

Garlicwallet allows you securely store and recieve Garlicoin anywhere you are.

Garlicwallet communicates directly with standard Garlicoin full Nodes, and verifies the integrity of the complete blockchain directly from your phone.

Every wallet has a recovery phrase that can be used to restore a wallet in case something happens to your phone

The recovery phrase can also used to recover private keys for importing into Garlicoin Core

Note: When recovering a wallet, the full blockchain needs to be downloaded, a process that could take many hours and will use significant amounts of data. Make sure to only recover your wallet when connected to an unmetered connection.

Send and Pay with Garlicoin

Garlicwallet enables you to send Garlicoin to anybody anywhere you are

Generate QR codes to share addresses with friends and family

Pay for goods and services easily with your mobile phone

Network fee is configurable to your desired speed and cost

Garlicwallet is fully open source. If you're interested in viewing the source code or compiling it yourself, you can find it on Github.